Terms and Conditions

Important and interesting information concerning the purchase of our products and services.

About our products and delivery. We make the products the same day of delivery.

We make the products the same day of delivery.

The client must provide all the necessary information to place their order, data such as: name, age, color (s), design, personalized balloon, including the reason, example: anniversary, birthday, baptism or any other type of celebration.  These data are essential to be able to provide the customer with the best service.

The delivery schedule for bouquets, garlands, surprise boxes, box of roses and any product that is made with balloons will be as follows: from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. You can choose the time you want to receive your order and Airplane Balloons makes sure to have the order at the agreed time.

For delivery service you must submit the exact address. The Airplane Balloons company is not responsible if the order does not arrive on time or at the wrong address due to a mistake made by the customer when giving the address. Please verify the address before submitting and be as accurate and precise as possible. We suggest you share the location via whatsapp to our contact number if you wish, if you send a wrong address it may have an additional charge.

If you want to pick up the selected product at our location, you have to take into account its size, for example, most bouquets are large and therefore, you need a suitable and unoccupied vehicle for its transfer, you are responsible for the end result of the product once it has left the store. The Airplane Balloons company is not responsible for damages that the product may suffer once the customer has removed it.

The customer is responsible for the well-being of the product if he decides to pick it up at our store and is going to move it from one place to another.

The helium balloons that we use in our arrangements are made of latex, they last approximately 8 hours, however we guarantee their duration between 24 to 48 hours. If the people who are going to handle and be in contact with the balloons are allergic to latex, the customer must inform it. The Airplane Balloons company is not responsible for allergic reactions that customers may suffer if they do not report their allergy to latex.

If the client, the person (s) who receive the product are allergic to latex, the products will be made with balloons of another material in agreement with the client. We also use microfoil balloons and these can last more than 1 week (7 days approximately), depending on the treatment and weather conditions.

The customer should note that the helium latex balloons should not be placed in front of the air conditioner, as the gas particles are compressed and the balloons are automatically deflated. It is a natural process that even happens in a cold natural climate. Airplane Balloons is not responsible for mishandling helium latex balloons when exposed to air conditioning or uncontrolled cold weather. It is important to note that the balloons should not be placed directly in the sun, heat or steam also causes them to deflate or explode.

Regarding helium balloons

Helium is not flammable, but these measures help make your balloons last longer:

We publish on our social networks and website our work, photos of the client with our decorations, etc., if you do not agree to appear in our photos please notify us before, so we will only publish our arrangement, bouquet or decoration to publicize our job.

If for major reasons you need to postpone the delivery, we can verify a new date according to our availability, if you have to cancel the service, only 50% of the payment will be refunded.

Balloon duration.

Latex balloons inflated with helium can last an estimated of 8 hours. However, the duration may vary depending on environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity. Foil balloons, on the other hand, have a much longer lifespan of 3 to 4 days, also depending on environmental conditions. It is important to take these durations into account when planning your event to ensure that your decorations will remain in good condition throughout the celebration.


At Airplane Balloons, all furniture elements included in our decorations are rented. We do not offer furniture for sale. If you have any doubts about the furniture elements available for your decorations, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal to help you choose the elements that best suit your needs.

Additional Balloons.

Balloon arrangements include a certain amount of balloons as agreed upon in the contract. If you wish to add additional balloons to your decoration, you will have to pay an additional cost. The price will depend on the quantity and type of balloons requested. It is important to notify us in advance if you wish to add additional balloons to your order, so that we can make the necessary arrangements to meet your needs.

Payment conditions

At Airplane Balloons we offer a diversity of products and services, mainly decorations, balloon arrangements and a variety of products for your decorations. Each of our products and services is associated with a rate expressed in US dollars. When you purchase a product or service, you are responsible for paying for the product or service, in a single payment or periodically (depending on the product or service) and the payment will be automatically debited.

Remember that if you cancel the service, only 50% of the payment will be refunded.

We are not responsible for damage or loss if you do not comply with the terms and conditions of this contract.

To reserve our services and guarantee availability on the date and time of your event, it is necessary to make a down payment of 60% of the total price at the time of signing the contract. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash deposit or online payment. The remaining 40% must be paid at least 10 days prior to the date of the event. If payment is not made within the stipulated period, we may cancel the reservation and retain the initial payment.

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